200 Taco Truck Names to Spice Up Your Business

taco truck names

Taco trucks are a beloved part of street food culture, offering delicious bites on the go. Whether you’re starting your own mobile eatery or rebranding an existing one, choosing the right name can make a big difference. A great name not only attracts customers but also sets the tone for your brand.

In this article, we’ve gathered a list of fun, catchy, and unique taco truck names to help inspire your culinary venture. From cool and creative to traditional and cute, you’ll find the perfect name to make your taco truck stand out on the streets.

Best Taco Truck Names


The best taco truck names are those that are memorable, catchy, and reflective of your brand. These names have a broad appeal and can instantly attract a diverse crowd of taco lovers.

1. Taco Bliss

2. Fiesta Tacos

3. El Camino Tacos

4. Taco Tango

5. Street Taco Haven

6. Los Amigos Tacos

7. The Taco Spot

8. Casa de Tacos

9. Holy Guacamole Tacos

10. Nacho Average Taco Truck

11. Taco ‘Bout Delicious

12. Salsa Sizzle

13. Tacosaurus

14. Let’s Taco ‘Bout It

15. Taco the Town

16. Shell Yeah Tacos

17. Tacos on Wheels

18. Taco Train

19. La Cocina Tacos

20. Little Taco Tikes

Cool Taco Truck Names

Cool names can give your taco truck a trendy, modern vibe. These names are perfect for attracting a young and hip crowd looking for the latest street food sensation.

1. Urban Taco Beats

2. Fiesta Fusion

3. Urban Taco Bar

4. Electric Tacos

5. Taco Nomad

6. Hipster Tacos

7. Taco Groove

8. Midnight Tacos

9. Rebel Tacos

10. Trendy Tacos

11. Metro Taco Truck

12. Vibe Tacos

13. Cool Beans Tacos

14. Taco Wave

15. Taco Chillers

16. Fresh Tacos Co.

17. Cool Cat Tacos

18. Streetwise Tacos

19. Urban Flavors Tacos

20. Tacos in Style

Funny Taco Truck Names

A touch of humor can make your taco truck memorable and approachable. Funny names are great for putting a smile on your customers’ faces and creating a fun atmosphere.

1. Punny Tacos

2. Taco Busters

3. Taco ‘Bout Fun

4. Tacoholic

5. Tacosaurus Rex

6. Nacho Ordinary Tacos

7. Guac and Roll Tacos

8. Tac-o’-Clock

9. Mucho Taco Loco

10. Taco Bout It

11. Taco To-Go-Go

12. Taco ‘Til You Drop

13. Taco Dream Team

14. Wacky Tacos

15. The Laughing Taco

16. Taco Funhouse

17. Nacho Business Tacos

18. Taco Delight

19. Taco Overload

20. Grin and Taco It

Unique Taco Truck Names

If you want your taco truck to stand out from the rest, a unique name is essential. These names are distinctive and memorable, ensuring that your truck leaves a lasting impression.

1. Taco Trailblazers

2. Tacos on the Move

3. The Taco Lab

4. Flavor Fiesta Tacos

5. Tacosphere

6. Tacomotive

7. Savory Streets Tacos

8. Taco Caravan

9. The Great Taco Expedition

10. Taco Genesis

11. Taco Odyssey

12. Tacos and Beyond

13. Artisan Tacos

14. Taco Alchemy

15. The Taco Forge

16. Taco Maestro

17. Enchanted Tacos

18. Taco Mirage

19. Tacos in Motion

20. Taco Zen

Cute Taco Truck Names

Add a touch of charm with a cute taco truck name. These names are perfect for attracting families and those who love adorable, whimsical branding.

1. Taco Snuggle Bug

2. Tiny Tacos Delight

3. Sweet Taco Treats

4. Taco Tots

5. Taco Sprinkles

6. Taco Snuggles

7. Taco Hugs

8. Taco Bites

9. Taco Kisses

10. Tacosaurus Jr.

11. Happy Tacos

12. Taco Joy

13. Taco Buddies

14. Taco Cuddles

15. Mini Tacos

16. Taco Dreams

17. Taco Pals

18. Taco Twinkles

19. Taco Lovin’

20. Taco Giggles

Mexican-Inspired Taco Truck Names

Celebrate the rich culture and flavors of Mexico with a name that reflects its heritage. Mexican-inspired names add authenticity and allure to your taco truck, attracting those who crave genuine Mexican cuisine.

1. El Patron Tacos

2. Tacos El Fuego

3. La Cocina Mexicana Tacos

4. Tacos de la Calle

5. La Fiesta Tacos

6. El Jefe Tacos

7. Viva Tacos

8. La Hacienda Tacos

9. Tacos Tradicionales

10. El Sabor Tacos

11. Tacos El Ranchero

12. La Salsa Tacos

13. El Mercado Tacos

14. Tacos Los Sabores

15. Tacos Mi Tierra

16. Tacos El Pueblo

17. Tacos Del Sol

18. El Toro Tacos

19. La Playa Tacos

20. El Corazon Tacos

Punny Taco Truck Names

Puns are a clever way to make your taco truck name both fun and memorable. These witty names play on words to create a lighthearted and engaging brand identity.

1. Tacoholics Anonymous

2. Nacho Usual Tacos

3. Taco-Bout Time

4. Taco-bout Tasty

5. Salsa ‘n Tacos

6. Taco Stand-Up

7. Taco ‘Bout a Party

8. Taco ‘Bout Delicious

9. Holy Guacamole

10. Taco Tuesday Everyday

11. Tac-Oh My Goodness

12. Taco’Clock

13. Tacolicious

14. The Taco ‘Nator

15. Taco-Bout-Yum

16. Guac and Roll

17. Tac-O-Lantern

18. Tac-Overload

19. Nacho Mama’s Tacos

20. Tac-O-Meter

Catchy Taco Truck Names

A catchy name can make your taco truck easily recognizable and hard to forget. These names are designed to grab attention and stick in the minds of your customers.

1. Taco Temptations

2. Taco Tempo

3. Taco Buzz

4. Taco Trek

5. Taco Paradise

6. Taco Fiesta

7. Tacos To Go

8. Taco Sprint

9. Taco Delight Wagon

10. Taco Trails

11. Taco Time Machine

12. Taco Delight Express

13. Taco Junction

14. Taco Frenzy

15. Taco Quest

16. Tacos in Action

17. Taco Marvel

18. Taco Rush

19. Taco Voyage

20. Taco Feast

Creative Taco Truck Names

Showcase your creativity with a name that highlights the unique aspects of your taco truck. Creative names help convey the originality and innovation behind your delicious offerings.

1. Taco Artisan

2. Taco Magic

3. Taco Craft

4. Tacos Alchemy

5. Taco Canvas

6. Taco Nova

7. Taco Fusion

8. Taco Wizardry

9. Taco Vision

10. Taco Innovations

11. Taco Crafter

12. Taco Journey

13. Taco Magic Caravan

14. Taco Chronicles

15. Taco Haven

16. Taco Fantasy

17. Taco Palooza

18. Taco Symphony

19. Taco Wonderland

20. Taco Utopia

Traditional Taco Truck Names

Sometimes, sticking to tradition is the best way to go. Traditional names evoke a sense of nostalgia and reliability, appealing to those who appreciate classic flavors and authenticity.

1. La Taquería

2. Los Tacos Originales

3. Tacos del Corazón

4. El Rincón del Taco

5. Tacos El Tradicional

6. La Casa del Taco

7. Tacos de la Abuela

8. Tacos El Paraiso

9. La Esquina Tacos

10. El Buen Sazón Tacos

11. Tacos El Sol

12. Tacos La Esperanza

13. La Tradición Tacos

14. Tacos El Patrón

15. La Cima Tacos

16. El Sabor de México

17. Tacos La Familia

18. Tacos El Auténtico

19. La Parrilla Tacos

20. Tacos El Compadre

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