Top 122 Funny Star Wars Jokes That Will Crack You Up

funny star wars jokes

If you’re a Star Wars fan, you know the galaxy far, far away is full of epic battles, memorable characters, and unforgettable moments. But let’s not forget the humor! Whether you’re a Jedi or a Sith, everyone can appreciate a good laugh. From clever puns to witty one-liners, the Star Wars universe has its fair share of jokes that can brighten your day.

Ready to bring some laughter into your life? Let’s dive into a collection of funny Star Wars jokes that will tickle your funny bone and make you smile.

Funny Star Wars Jokes

Star Wars

1. Why Did Anakin Skywalker Cross the Road?

To get to the Dark Side.

2. How Does Darth Vader Like His Toast?

On the dark side.

3. Why Did Yoda Visit the Bank?

To get a “Jedi” loan.

4. What’s the Internal Temperature of a Tauntaun?


5. Why Did the Stormtrooper Buy an iPhone?

He couldn’t find the droid he was looking for.

6. Why Did Chewbacca Get a Job?

Because he wanted to make some Wookiee.

7. What Do You Call a Sith Who Won’t Fight?

A Sithy.

8. Why Did the Ewok Get Homesick?

He missed his Endor friends.

9. Why Can’t You Count on Yoda to Pick Up the Bar Tab?

Because he’s always a little short.

10. How Do Ewoks Communicate Over Long Distances?

With Ewokie-talkies.

11. What Do You Call a Pirate Droid?


12. Why Don’t Jedi Take Photos?

Because they already have good “lightsaber” memories.

13. What Did the Jedi Say to the Comedian?

May the farce be with you.

14. Why Did the Droid Go to Therapy?

Because he had too many “circuit” issues.

15. What Did Obi-Wan Kenobi Say to Luke at the Dinner Table?

Use the fork, Luke.

16. Why Do Jawas Prefer Apple Products?

Because they don’t like Windows.

17. What’s a Jedi’s Favorite Dessert?

Obi-Wan Cannoli.

18. Why Did the Stormtrooper Fail Driver’s Ed?

He kept missing the signs.

19. What Did Han Solo Name His Clone?

Han Duo.

20. Why Wasn’t Baby Yoda Good at Sports?

Because there was no try, only do.

Han Solo Jokes

1. Why did Han Solo bring a ladder to the bar?

To reach for the high spirits!

2. Why did Han Solo go to art school?

To learn how to draw his blaster.

3. Why did Han Solo always win at poker?

Because he had the best hand in the galaxy!

4. What do you call Han Solo when he runs out of coffee?

Han No-go.

5. Why did Han Solo start a gardening business?

He wanted to plant Solo flowers.

6. Why did Han Solo open a bakery?

He wanted to make some dough!

7. How does Han Solo like his eggs?

Scrambled on the Kessel Run.

8. Why did Han Solo get a smartphone?

To keep his calls Solo.

9. What’s Han Solo’s favorite instrument?

The Solo sax.

10. Why did Han Solo always carry a pencil?

In case he needed to draw his weapon.

Princess Leia Jokes

1. What did Leia say to Luke at the family reunion?

“May the Forks be with you.”

2. Why did Princess Leia become a chef?

To cook up some rebellion!

3. What’s Princess Leia’s favorite social media platform?


4. Why did Leia always win arguments?

She had the best comebacks in the galaxy.

5. What do you call Princess Leia’s fashion line?

Galactic Chic.

6. Why did Princess Leia open a library?

To share the tales of Alderaan.

7. Why did Leia start a fitness club?

To keep rebels in shape!

8. What’s Leia’s favorite board game?

Rebellion Risk.

9. Why did Leia become a teacher?

To educate young rebels.

10. What’s Leia’s favorite drink?

Rebel Tea.

Luke Skywalker Jokes

1. Why did Luke Skywalker fail his music class?

He couldn’t find the right “force” chords.

2. Why did Luke join the band?

To play the Jedi bass.

3. What did Luke Skywalker say after he broke up with his girlfriend?

“May the Force be with your next.”

4. Why did Luke Skywalker get a dog?

For some Paw-dawan training.

5. What’s Luke Skywalker’s favorite winter activity?

Jedi sledding.

6. Why did Luke Skywalker open a bakery?

He wanted to make Skywalkers’ Buns.

7. Why did Luke become a lifeguard?

To save more than just the galaxy.

8. Why did Luke open a farm?

To grow Skywalker’s Grain.

9. What’s Luke’s favorite exercise?


10. Why did Luke Skywalker write a book?

To tell his story from a new hope.

Darth Vader Jokes

1. Why did Darth Vader go to a music school?

To learn how to play the dark beats.

2. Why did Darth Vader always get invited to parties?

He brought the best dark side dip.

3. What’s Darth Vader’s favorite kind of car?

An Imperial Starship.

4. Why did Darth Vader take up gardening?

To grow dark flowers.

5. What’s Darth Vader’s favorite candy?

Dark chocolate.

6. Why did Darth Vader become a chef?

To cook up some dark side delicacies.

7. What’s Darth Vader’s favorite holiday?

Dark Friday.

8. Why did Darth Vader start a podcast?

To spread the dark side of the story.

9. What’s Darth Vader’s favorite sport?

Sith fencing.

10. Why did Darth Vader open a bakery?

To make some dark bread.

Situational Star Wars Jokes

Situational Star Wars Jokes

In the Cantina

1. Why did the Cantina Band break up?

They couldn’t find the right note!

2. Why did the bartender at the Cantina get fired?

He kept making wookie mistakes!

3. Why did the droid go to the Cantina?

For some space fuel and good company!

4. Why don’t they serve droids in the Cantina?

They can’t handle their circuits!

5. Why did the Jawa get kicked out of the Cantina?

He was trying to sell used droid parts!

On the Death Star

6. What’s Darth Vader’s favorite Disney song?

When You Wish Upon a Death Star!

7. Why did the Death Star get internet?

So it could have a world wide web!

8. Why did the stormtrooper always bring a pencil to the Death Star?

In case he needed to draw his weapon!

9. Why don’t they play hide and seek on the Death Star?

Because good luck hiding from Darth Vader!

10. Why did the Death Star never get any presents?

Because it always destroyed the wrapping paper!

On Endor

11. Why do Ewoks always win at poker?

Because they always play with a full deck!

12. Why did the Ewok start a band?

He wanted to make some forest music!

13. Why don’t Ewoks use the internet?

They’re more into log-ins!

14. Why was the Ewok always invited to parties?

Because he was a little bear-y fun!

15. Why did the Ewok go to school?

To become a little smarter than the average bear!

In the Rebel Base

16. Why did the rebel always carry a map?

To avoid a Return of the Jedi!

17. Why did the X-wing pilot always carry a flashlight?

In case he needed to light the way in the dark side!

18. Why did the Rebel Base have the best snacks?

Because they always had Yoda’s favorite munchies!

19. Why did the pilot bring a ladder to the Rebel Base?

To reach new heights in the fight against the Empire!

20. Why don’t rebels ever get lost?

Because they always follow the Force!

On Tatooine

21. Why did the moisture farmer go to the bank?

To make a withdrawal from the Force!

22. Why was the sandstorm so good at telling jokes?

Because it was always blowing hot air!

23. Why did Luke Skywalker never get sunburned on Tatooine?

He always used the Force screen!

24. Why did the Jawa start a delivery service?

To make some quick sand credits!

25. Why don’t they have any gardens on Tatooine?

Because nothing grows in the desert sun!

Star Wars Puns

1. Why don’t Jedi use the Force to pick up girls?

Because they already attract enough people!

2. Why did the Jedi go broke?

Because he had no “credits” to his name!

3. What do you call a bounty hunter who loves the ocean?

Boba Wet.

4. Why did the droid cross the road?

To get to the other “side.”

5. Why don’t Wookiees ever get lost?

Because they always know how to “Chewbacca.”

6. What’s the name of the droid who takes the best photos?


7. What do you call a Jedi who loves to surf?

Obi-Wan Wave-nobi.

8. What do you call an Ewok who sings?


9. What’s the name of the Sith who loves gardening?

Darth Trowel.

10. What do you call a stormtrooper who loves gardening?

A plant trooper!

Star Wars Knock-Knock Jokes

1. Knock, Knock!
Who’s there?
Yoda who?
Yoda one that I want!

2. Knock, Knock!
Who’s there?
Annie who?
Annie chance you have a spare lightsaber?

3. Knock, Knock!
Who’s there?
R2 who?
R2-D2, it’s me, C-3PO!

4. Knock, Knock!
Who’s there?
Jawa who?
Jawa want to buy some droids?

5. Knock, Knock!
Who’s there?
Leia who?
Leia gonna be, I’m coming in!

6. Knock, Knock!
Who’s there?
Han who?
Han over the credits and no one gets hurt!

7. Knock, Knock!
Who’s there?
Luke who?
Luke through the peephole and find out!

8. Knock, Knock!
Who’s there?
Obi who?
Obi quiet, there’s a Sith around!

9. Knock, Knock!
Who’s there?
Wookiee who?
Wookiee out, it’s Chewbacca!

10. Knock, Knock!
Who’s there?
BB who?
BB-8, I’ve got a message for you!

11. Knock, Knock!
Who’s there?
Admiral who?
Admiral Ackbar, it’s a trap!

12. Knock, Knock!
Who’s there?
Droid who?
Droid you’re looking for is right here!

13. Knock, Knock!
Who’s there?
Jedi who?
Jedi you’re looking for isn’t here.

14. Knock, Knock!
Who’s there?
Sith who?
Sith down, you’re about to hear a joke!

15. Knock, Knock!
Who’s there?
Vader who?
Vader you know it or not, here I am!

Star Wars One-Liners

1. I find your lack of coffee disturbing. How can you face the day without the dark side of caffeine?

2. The Force is strong with this one, but the Wi-Fi is weak. It’s hard to stream the galaxy’s latest holo-vids with such a slow connection.

3. Stormtroopers never hit their targets, but they always hit the dance floor. Their blaster aim might be off, but their dance moves are on point.

4. Why don’t Wookiees ever lose at cards? Because they always play their hand fur-st. Those furry creatures know how to bluff and win.

5. I’m not a Star Wars nerd; I’m a Jedi Master of trivia. Ask me anything about the galaxy far, far away, and I’ll have the answer.

6. Darth Vader’s suit: the ultimate life-support system and fashion statement. It’s practical, menacing, and always in style.

7. Ewoks are just teddy bears with an attitude problem. Don’t let their cute looks fool you; they can take down stormtroopers with ease.

8. Yoda’s grammar: backwards it is, but wisdom it holds. Listen carefully, you must, to understand the sage advice he gives.

9. Lightsabers: the original glow sticks. Perfect for a rave in the Galactic Empire or a duel with the Sith.

10. Chewbacca’s hair routine must take forever. With all that fur, it’s a wonder he has time for anything else.

11. Jedi training: come for the lightsaber skills, stay for the meditation. Balance is key, both in combat and in the Force.

12. May the Force be with you, and also with your Wi-Fi. Because let’s face it, a strong connection to the internet is almost as important as a connection to the Force.

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