15 Delicious Foods That Go with Guacamole to Try Now

foods that go with guacamole

Guacamole is a favorite dip that adds a burst of flavor to any meal or snack. Whether you’re hosting a party, preparing a family dinner, or just looking for a tasty treat, finding the right foods to pair with guacamole can make all the difference.

From classic combinations to unique pairings, there are countless ways to enjoy this creamy avocado delight. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best foods that go with guacamole, offering you plenty of ideas to spice up your next meal or gathering. Get ready to dive into a world of delicious possibilities!

Foods That Pair Well with Guacamole

1. Tortilla Chips

Tortilla Chips

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Tortilla chips and guacamole are a classic pairing that never goes out of style. The crispy, salty chips perfectly complement the creamy, flavorful guacamole. For the best experience, choose thick, sturdy tortilla chips that can hold a generous scoop without breaking.

If you’re feeling adventurous, try making your own tortilla chips at home by baking or frying fresh tortillas, and sprinkle them with a bit of sea salt.

2. Tacos


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Tacos and guacamole are a match made in culinary heaven. Whether you prefer soft or hard shell tacos, the addition of guacamole brings a rich, creamy texture that enhances the overall flavor.

Popular taco fillings that pair well with guacamole include grilled chicken, seasoned beef, fish, shrimp, and vegetarian options like roasted vegetables or black beans. Add a dollop of guacamole on top, and you’ve got a taco that bursts with flavor.

3. Burritos


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Burritos are another great way to enjoy guacamole. Wrapped in a warm flour tortilla, burritos can be filled with a variety of ingredients such as rice, beans, cheese, and your choice of protein.

Adding guacamole to your burrito not only boosts the flavor but also adds a creamy element that ties all the ingredients together. For an extra kick, try mixing in some spicy salsa or hot sauce with the guacamole.

4. Nachos


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Nachos loaded with toppings and a generous serving of guacamole are perfect for sharing with friends and family. Start with a base of tortilla chips, and layer on your favorite toppings like cheese, jalapeños, black olives, diced tomatoes, and seasoned meat.

Once everything is nicely melted and combined, add spoonfuls of guacamole on top for a delicious finish. Guacamole not only adds flavor but also helps balance out the spiciness of the other ingredients.

5. Quesadillas


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Quesadillas are a quick and easy dish that pairs wonderfully with guacamole. Simply fill a tortilla with cheese and your choice of additional ingredients like grilled chicken, sautéed mushrooms, or spinach, then fold and cook until the tortilla is crispy and the cheese is melted.

Serve your quesadillas with a side of guacamole for dipping, or spread guacamole inside the quesadilla before cooking for a creamy surprise.

6. Enchiladas


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Enchiladas, filled and rolled tortillas covered in a savory sauce, are another Mexican dish that benefits from the addition of guacamole. After baking your enchiladas until they’re hot and bubbly, serve them with a generous scoop of guacamole on the side.

The creamy guacamole complements the rich, spicy flavors of the enchiladas, making each bite even more enjoyable. Popular fillings for enchiladas include shredded chicken, ground beef, cheese, and beans.

7. Fajitas


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Fajitas are a vibrant and flavorful dish that pairs beautifully with guacamole. Serve sizzling strips of marinated meat or vegetables with warm tortillas, and add guacamole as a topping to enhance the flavors. The creamy guacamole balances the spices and adds a refreshing element to the dish. Popular fajita fillings include grilled chicken, steak, shrimp, and a variety of sautéed vegetables.

8. Vegetable Sticks

Vegetable Sticks

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For a healthier option, pair guacamole with fresh vegetable sticks. Carrots, celery, bell peppers, cucumbers, and cherry tomatoes make excellent choices. The crunchiness of the vegetables pairs well with the creamy guacamole, creating a satisfying snack. This combination is perfect for those looking to enjoy guacamole without the added calories from chips.

9. Salads


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Guacamole can be a fantastic addition to salads, either as a dressing or a topping. Toss a spoonful of guacamole with mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, corn, black beans, and grilled chicken for a delicious and nutritious salad. The creamy texture of guacamole adds a unique element to the salad, making it more filling and flavorful.

10. Grilled Chicken

Grilled Chicken

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Grilled chicken and guacamole are a match made in heaven. The smoky flavor of grilled chicken pairs perfectly with the creamy, tangy taste of guacamole. Serve grilled chicken breasts or thighs with a generous side of guacamole, or use guacamole as a topping for chicken sandwiches. This combination is both healthy and delicious.

11. Burgers


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Adding guacamole to burgers is a great way to elevate the flavor. Whether it’s a beef, turkey, or veggie burger, a layer of guacamole adds a creamy richness that complements the savory taste of the patty. You can also add other toppings like lettuce, tomato, and cheese to create a delicious and satisfying burger.

12. Toast


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Guacamole on toast is a simple yet delicious way to enjoy this versatile dip. Spread guacamole on a slice of toasted bread and top it with ingredients like poached eggs, sliced tomatoes, or smoked salmon for a tasty breakfast or brunch option. This quick and easy meal is perfect for those busy mornings when you need something nutritious and filling.

13. Seafood


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Seafood and guacamole are a delightful combination. The creamy guacamole pairs well with the delicate flavors of fish and shrimp. Try serving grilled or baked fish with a side of guacamole, or use guacamole as a topping for shrimp tacos. The freshness of the seafood combined with the richness of the guacamole creates a harmonious balance of flavors.

14. Deviled Eggs

Deviled Eggs

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Deviled eggs with a guacamole twist are a delicious appetizer. Replace the traditional yolk filling with a mixture of mashed avocado, lime juice, and spices. This gives the deviled eggs a creamy, tangy flavor that is sure to be a hit at any gathering. Garnish with a sprinkle of paprika or chopped cilantro for added color and taste.

15. Stuffed Peppers

Stuffed Peppers

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Guacamole-stuffed peppers are a unique and flavorful dish. Cut bell peppers in half and remove the seeds, then fill them with a mixture of guacamole, black beans, corn, and cheese. Bake until the peppers are tender and the cheese is melted. This dish makes for a great appetizer or a light main course, combining the freshness of the peppers with the creaminess of the guacamole.

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