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Hi! I'm Michelle!

Yeah, this photo is kinda awkward.

But the other option was this one:

I'm a newly married twenty something trying to make it out here in the big bad world of blogging, playing house (but for real!), making reality TV (most of which is not, in fact, real), and being a mom to a 45 pound fur ball, named Penny

I'm a lover of exclamation marks, post it notes, cooking, eating, craft beer, adventures, and my husband, Adam. I also CrossFit on occasion (twice a week) and imagine myself as a future master DIY-er.

I dislike processed food (but I am only human, so don't fault me when I do indulge), meanness in general, watching too much TV, and large cement or metal objects in deep water (it's hard to explain). My feet also get claustrophobic. 

I talk about my husband a lot on this food blog, because, well, he's the center of my world and I love him to death, but since he makes fun of me so much in everyday life (you know you do, Adam!) I get to make fun of his eating habits and other stuff here on my food blog. It's all in good fun, and in a sincere effort to get him to eat his veggies!

What you'll find on The Lucky Penny are my collection of recipes, thoughts, and occasional projects. Currently, I eat paleo (ish), but sometimes I don't. I don't want to lock myself into one category of eating, and I've honestly tried every kind of way to eat out there - vegetarian, vegan, low carb, etc. And it's not because I'm in to fad diets or anything like that, I just really like to understand my relationship with food and how it affects my body. My goal is to figure out what is the best way for me to feed myself (and my family) healthy nutritious food that is first and foremost tasty, but also makes me feel good! So you'll find a wide variety of recipes ranging from gluten free to gluten full, sweet to healthy, from meat to vegetarian and a few vegan recipes thrown in to boot. And of course, paleo recipes which will be labeled as paleo or more likely, paleo-ish. Why paleo-ish? Because I'm a big believer in dairy and some people might not consider that paleo. But honestly, who really wants to give up cheese? Come on! I'm only human!

Check out the recipe index!

I hope you enjoy the blog!

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  1. Hi Michelle! It's Jackie from Marin mama cooks! BTW, I love your opening shot, its fun and shows that you have a fun loving personality! I'm a huge fan of exclamation points as well and smiley faces to boot! I love that you have a wide variety of recipes. I'm a huge believer in eating in moderation and about having balance in your diet. I can't wait to check out your recipes and I'm glad to discover that were neighbors as well. You, Gina and I should meet up for lunch one of these days. xoxo, Jackie

  2. I just stumbled upon your blog- It's pretty sweet! And it's funny but I have a strange fear of large metal objects or cement in water as well, and I wear flip flops even when it's negative degrees out haha. Had to share our strange in common fears. Happy days to you! :)

  3. Hello! I made the dairy free cauliflower pizza crust, your home made pizza sauce and the paleo brownie bites on Saturday and they were all delish. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you for visiting and making my recipes! :)

  4. Thank you so much for blogging. Don't know much about blogging, but I do post alot of my own test recipies on my FB page. My naturopath has me on a Paleo (ish) type diet, and although I never eat processed foods, used microwaves and eat as organic as possible, I found having to eliminate ALL grains including rice a bit overwhelming at first! Your Pizza crust was a great way for me to continue this journey and being able to eat one of my favourite foods. Looking forward to trying out more recipies on your blog! Thank you for sharing your experiences and recipies to make the journey a bit easier for all of us! :)

  5. Hello Michelle. I love your sense of fun and will def try your cauli pizza. I have made it before but it stuck to the paper even though I oiled it. I don't think we have 'parchment' paper in Australia so the paper I used might not have been good enough. I used raw cauli in mine so I will MW it when I make yours. Question: do you put a little water in the bowl when you cook the cauli??? I always do that with vegies but you didn't mention it. Anyway, thanks again!!

  6. I see you haven't posted recently - but I'm hoping you'll still see this. : )

    I just made (and devoured. And took loots of foodporny photos.) my first cauliflower rice and pizza crust - I read like 20 thousand recipes and did my research, but I stuck to yours and IT WORKED.

    Oh lordy, it might sound stupid, but this pizza made my day. (And I am heavily medicated, on a HIGH dosage of anitbiotics today and also - finals at uni.)

    I loved that it worked sans cheese as I try to live dairy-free and I used leftover (dried) almond meal after making almond milk.

    Woah. So good.

    Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful recipe. Honestly.

    Followed, looking forward to more posts from you! : )

  7. Hi Michelle. I'm so happy to find your blog with these wonderful recipes! My fiance was very recently diagnosed with gluten and potato intolerance and while it felt like a death sentence for the first week (if gluten isn't in it, potato usually is), we are figuring out ways to eat what we crave by substituting various paleo ingredients. NOT an easy task for a couple of foodies that love beer, but we are seeing that life does indeed go on.

    I'm going to make pizza using your cauliflower recipe, and my fiance is going to be PSYCHED since he hasn't had pizza in weeks! (He also can't have grains and dairy together, so we can't simply order a gluten-free crust.)

    Thank you for blogging and for adding some sunshine to my morning! You have a great sense of humor and I love reading your posts.



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