Monday, December 17, 2012

The Wedding Part 2: The Details and Decorations

Planning the decorations and details was one of the most fun and creative processes of wedding planning. It was also somewhat time consuming and stressful given that pretty much all of it was DIY, but the end product made it all worth it. I tried to keep everything within my theme and cohesive. I spent a lot of time pinning on pinterest, planning, and painting. I recruited friends, my mom, and my dad to help. I did a decent job at delegated tasks. As far as how it turned out?

I'll let the photos speak for themselves:

DIY succulent centerpieces
{DIY Succulent Centerpieces}

DIY succulent centerpieces
{DIY Succulent Centerpieces}

chalkboard menu
{Chalkboard Menu}

DIY burlap bunting
{DIY Welcome Burlap Bunting}

photo book guest book
{Photo Book Guest Book}

photo book guest book
{Photo Book Guest Book}

hand painted burlap bunting
{Hand Painted Burlap Bunting}

chalkboard bar menu
{Chalkboard Bar Menu}

vintage card suitcase
{Vintage Suitcase for Cards}

magnetic beer cap escort cards
{Magnetic Beer Cap Escort Cards}

hand painted corn hole boards
{Hand Painted Corn Hole Boards}

To say that I am thrilled with the outcome, would be an understatement. Everything came together more beautifully then I even imagined. And that says a lot since I generally have unreasonably high expectations. But I think that is the joy in DIY, you have to love it because you put so much work into it! Special thanks to my mom and dad who really helped with the projects and without them nothing would have gotten done on time.

Love, Luck, and Happiness!


  1. LOVE your succulent centerpieces... and EVERYTHING! So, cute.

  2. Ahhh! So cute! We're doing succulents, too! I'm obsessed with them :)

  3. Heeey great photos....:)

  4. Your centerpieces are my favorite! Goes perfectly with your Arizona wedding :). Oh, and I totally think you should do an outfit post! That would be amazing <3



    Southern (California) Belle

  5. It was a very busy time putting it all together but loved every moment of it. Hoping to have more fun with you working on a house some day! Love, Mom

  6. you're lucky to have such creative parents to help you. my parents would have been so lost.

    p.s. the succulent centerpieces are money.

  7. We just got married here and it was amazing! It was gorgeous, the size of the location holds a pretty large group of people, but still brings a very intimate atmosphere.


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