Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Wedding Progress: The Fun Parts!

Most days I love planning a wedding, in fact I'm sad that it is flying by so quickly! 131 days to go! Yesterday I complained about buying a wedding dress and feeling like I'm falling into the trap that is the wedding business, so today I want to share some of my favorite moments of wedding planning.

I really wanted the Save the Dates to be special since it is the first representation of the wedding that  my guests will see. I worked with the fabulous Ginger of Serendipity Beyond Design to make these amazing postcards. We are considering our wedding a mini destination wedding of sorts since we live in California, as do most of our guests, and we are having the wedding in Lake Havasu, Arizona. I wanted guests to get an idea of how beautiful the place they will be traveling to is, so I opted to show off our location rather than the traditional engagement photo save the date. (Also we didn't have our engagement photos done by the time we needed to send out the save the date.) All the images used on the post card are either vintage or modern day photos of Lake Havasu. It was really fun to work on and I couldn't be happier with how it turned out. 

vintage postcard
{Serendipity Beyond Design Save the Date}

Taking engagement photos was romantic and memorable. Despite Adam's often awkwardness in front of the camera, he played along and honestly he looks the best in almost every photo. Turns
 out I'm the awkward one! I'm lucky to be marrying such a handsome man :) And I'm not just saying that because he reads my blog, because he doesn't. He needs to work on that.

blossom blue photography

Picking out bridesmaid dresses was STRESSFUL, I obsessed and re-evaluate every decision I made for days on end. I made different inspiration boards for every option I came up with. Finally it came down to that I wanted coral dresses, but I didn't like any of the coral colors that bridesmaid dress manufacturers had to offer. Also the thought having 7 people all in the same shade of coral made be a little, well, nauseated. I like pink as much as the next girl but I never thought any color close to pink would come within 100 miles of my wedding. But here I am, doing coral, sage green, and gold as my wedding colors and I couldn't be happier. The thing I love about coral is that there is no correct shade of it, it varies and that is what draws me to the color. So, I saw this photo on The Sweetest Occasion and knew that was what I needed to do. It's been fun letting the girls pick out their own dresses and seeing what they come up with, even for a control freak like myself! I'm excited for the range of colors and styles and the eclectic look that the wedding party will have. Plus it makes the whole wedding seem a bit less formal, and that I like. 

coral bridesmaid dress
{Photo from The Sweetest Occasion}

Visiting the wedding venue after booking it. It was so exciting to meet with the on site coordinator and go over details and mainly just be awed by the beauty that is our wedding venue! 

refuge golf

Dessert! Cake tasting! Looking at photos of fabulous cakes like this one from Sweetapolita was most definitely fun. I knew from the get go that I didn't want a traditional wedding cake so I started perusing pinterest for pretty desserts to build my dessert bar. I fell in love with the simple ruffles on this cake and of course the color. Although, I'll probably go with white ruffles and strawberry cake so when you cut into the cake you can see pretty pink! 

pink wedding cake
{Photo from Sweetapolita}

I was surprised by how much fun I had working on the flowers. Possibly my favorite part of planning so far. My florist is amazing and so much fun to work with. I'm using succulents in my bouquets and in the centerpieces. They fit with the Arizona theme and I can make the centerpieces ahead of time and the succulents will hold up. This picture from Style Me Pretty is the inspiration for my bouquet. I love the loose look of it and the succulents and celosia. My flowers will be various shades of coral. I can't wait to see the finished product!!

succulent wedding bouquet

So all in all wedding planning has been quite fun! What do you look most forward to or what was your favorite part of wedding planning?

Peace, Love, Weddings, and Happiness!

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