Monday, June 11, 2012

Food From the Weekend: Lots of Food!

This weekend I decided to throw all my responsibilities to the wind (and Adam) and JUST have fun. And of course, having fun for me involves food. I basically ate every meal at a restaurant this weekend! I haven't done that in a long time. My friend, Brandi, came down to visit and we spent the day bike riding, enjoying the view, beer, and some snacks at Belmont Brewing Co, eating a cheese plate and wedding crafting, and finally a nice dinner at Open Sesame which I was very excited about because Adam never wants to go there with me. Sunday I went to a birthday brunch for my friend Haley at McKenna's on the Bay, and enjoyed some drinks at a friends house after. Adam was the best fiancĂ© EVER and cleaned out the side yard, fixed the BBQ, and even attempted to go grocery shopping. I say attempted because I only ended up with half the things on my list and I'm pretty sure I'll need to go my the store tonight to get the rest of the food I need for the week. But it was very nice of him to try.

Here are some iphone and instagram pics from the weekend:

garbanzo cookies
{Testing out a Garbanzo Bean Cookie Recipe - it's not quite perfect just yet}

{Fries for Breakfast after CrossFit. Bad Adam and Michelle}

La Creperie
{Breakfast at La Creperie}

Belmont Brewing Co
{The View at Belmont Brewing Co}

tuna poke
{Ahi Tuna Poke at BBC}

Belmont Brewing
{Pesto Brie Plate at BBC}

wedding crafting
{Wedding Crafting, Mimosas and Cheese Plate}

wheaten terrier
{Penny Wants Cheese}

open sesame
{Filet Kabob at Open Sesame}

{Salmon Sashimi at McKenna's on the Bay}

{Yummy Drinks}

{Phew, I'm exhaused! What a weekend!}

Peace, love, weekends, and happiness!

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