Monday, June 4, 2012

Food From the Weekend: In iphone and instagram photos

This weekend was a lot of fun and actually very productive! We had a nice BBQ dinner on Friday night (and I convinced Adam to share a plate which was still too much food!), went to a beer tasting at Taps Fish House and Brewery on Saturday, returned some items from my online shopping habit at the mall, took a nap, bought and cooked fresh fish from a new fish market and restaurant just a few blocks from our house, finished season 2 of Friday Night Lights, cleaned the house on Sunday, grocery shopped...kinda, baked a summer fruit crumble, and hung out with friends and did some wedding crafting!

naples rib comapny

{Bourbon Barrel Aged Beer Tasting}

{Remy Tasting}


zucchini side dish
{Fish from Roe and Zucchini with Almonds}

{Summer Fruit Crumble - Recipe coming this week!}

wedding DIY
{Wedding Crafting - Flags to be Strung}

I also went in for alterations on my wedding dress.... and I have to say the whole wedding dress thing has been a bit on the stressful side. Everybody tells me it is suppose to be so much fun.... but I haven't found that to be the case. Don't get me wrong I love my dress (except for the 2 hours of obsessive second guessing I had on Saturday night), but every time I go into the bridal shop to try on / purchase / alter / my dress I am reminded of how weddings are such a big BUSINESS and I start to feel like everything associated with a wedding comes with an exorbitant marked up price tag just because it is for a WEDDING. But I only feel this way when I'm at the bridal shop. Does anybody else have this problem? How was your wedding dress experience?

Peace, Love, Weekends, and Happiness!

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