Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Where to Eat Wednesday: Lobster Lovin'

Where to Eat Wednesday: Food Trucks Edition! I've been feeling a little sad that I'm not on the road filming "The Great Food Truck Race" for Food Network like I was the last 2 years in April / May. It's nice to be home with the fiancĂ© and fur baby, but seeing all my friends post these great photos as they road trip across the country with the show makes me a little sad. Then I think about the 12-16 hour days and get a little less sad. But in honor of my comrades out there slaving away to make good TV, I decided to eat some food truck food. Here's to you, my friends!


I've been wanting to try Cousins Maine Lobster, because come on, what better place to get lobster from than a food truck! All joking aside, they had been by my office a few weeks earlier and everybody raved about them. So when they rolled up again, I rushed outside, along with half of my office, and ordered up a $13 lobster roll. 

For the lobster rolls there are two options: Maine and Connecticut. Maine style is served cold and with mayonnaise. Connecticut is served warm and drizzled with butter and lemon juice. I picked Connecticut because I'm obsessed with hot food. Cold food just doesn't cut it for me. What's the point? Really? I need something warm in my belly to feel like I've eaten a meal. Everything else will be disregarded by my belly and brain as some kind of boring snack. 

{Connecticut Style Lobster Roll}

There was a lot of lobster on this bad boy and it was delicious. I would have liked a wedge of lemon on the side, but I'm willing to forgive them. Strangely, the highlight of this sammy, for me, was the buttery toasty bread. 

Oh bread, how I love you, dream about you, want to lick you. 

Oh, sorry. You're still here. Got lost in my own little world. I've cut most bread out of my diet, so when I get to have it, and by "get to" I mean "when I cheat," I tend to focus only on the bread and not what is in between it. Even if it's lobster in there. 

BUT, back to the Lobster Roll. It was good. Very good. With lots of Lobster. I recommend hitting up the Cousin's truck the next time you see them on the streets in Los Angeles. And let me know how the lobster bisque is!

Peace, Love, Lobster (or bread), and Happiness!

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  1. Oh man, what I would do for a lobster roll right about now...

    Great post!


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