Friday, May 11, 2012

Havasu! (Wedding Progress)

Heading to Havasu this weekend to do lots and lots of wedding stuff! We need to meet with the venue and go over details, take measurements, and overall just figure stuff out. We are also meeting with the DJ, the florist, possibly the wedding photographers, and hopefully finding an officiant. I need to make a wedding binder to keep track of all this stuff! Happy Friday! Here are some photos from our last Havasu trip in March.

{Excited to see these Cuties}

{Excited to Spend Mother's Day with Momma}

havasu hiking
{Hiking in March}

{On top of a Mountain!}

{Golfing at our Wedding Venue, Refuge Golf and Country Club}

In other news, I'm determined to make a new enchilada recipe next week. DETERMINED.

Peace, Love, Weekends, and Happiness!


  1. You're planning a wedding too right now??? I bet you're doing a better job than me. I'm slacking big time. Help! ;)

  2. Congrats on your wedding! I left you a comment on your blog as well! I'm knee deep in wedding planning if you ever have any questions!

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