Thursday, March 15, 2012

Slow Cooker Shredded Pork

I posted about this shredded mexican pork from Lauren's Latest in my What to Eat Wednesday: Blog Edition post a couple weeks back and I finally got the chance to give it a try in the slow cooker. It's super easy and a great way to add some variety into our diet since we don't eat pork very often. There is only so much chicken you can eat before you get really, really bored. And after all, pork is the other white meat, right?

Plus, I got to break out my cast iron skillet which is becoming my favorite cooking item I own. It also makes me laugh because I just watched Tangled for the first time and the cast iron skillet is Rapunzel's favorite cooking item also, but for a much different reason...

Ok, I won't leave you on a cliffhanger like that. If you haven't seen the movie, Rapunzel uses her trusty cast iron skillet as protection and a weapon against all the "evils" that lurk out there in the deep dark world her mother has kept her hidden from - like the super cute Zachary Levi (yes, I know he is in animated form, but he's still super cute even as a cartoon). Sigh, Zachary Levi.

ANYWAYS... so I made this shredded pork and it was very good, but I was hoping the enchilada sauce would stand out more since I LOVE enchilada sauce. But I did cook it on low for about 9 hours since that's how long I'm away for the house so there is a chance I cooked it so long it broke down the enchilada sauce too much. I just added some warmed up extra sauce to the pork when I served it.

You can get the recipe HERE. The only thing I changed was using a whole onion and adding a dash of cayenne since my enchilada sauce was mild and I like things more on the spicy side. This pork is very versatile and would make a great filling for burritos, tacos, mixed with scrambled eggs, or just eaten alone like I did for lunch.

If you make it let me know how you like it!

Peace, love, pork, and happiness!

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