Monday, March 19, 2012

Food From the Weekend: I said YES!

A very, very exciting edition of Food From the Weekend on this lovely Monday. Funny, how everythingeven something as dreary as a Monday, seems bright and cheery to me now!

First the food. Just to keep you in a little bit of suspense.

Oh, right - the title of the post... well you don't know for sure what I said yes to yet, now do you? Ohhhhh, you already scrolled down the page. Well, play along will you?

Saint Patrick's day fell on a rainy Saturday for us SoCal folks. In fact, I might dare to say it was one of the first days that resembled something like winter this year. And Adam decided it was THE perfect time to ride our bikes 3 miles to Beachwood BBQ. Actually, he wanted to walk and I persuaded him to take the bikes - the less time in the rain the better! The ride was fun despite the cold and the slight drizzle. We enjoyed a few appetizers and I had an out of the world beer from New Belgium Brewing called Cocoa Molé. Tasted like mexican hot chocolate, but better.

{Smothered Steak Fries and Cocoa Molé}

{Blackened Albacore Sashimi - with a couple pieces already missing}

{Hush Puppies}

Beachwood BBQ holds a special place in both of our hearts. It's where we went when we first started apartment hunting together, it's where we take all our visitors and where we celebrate all good things. Basically, it's our place

After lunch and a few beers, Adam walked me down to the pier. We made it about halfway down the pier and then it started actually raining and the wind was bad so we turned around. I thought it was a little weird that we were wandering aimlessly in the rain... but I figured Adam was having an adventurous streak and I should roll with it. We ended up at a little park looking out at the ocean. We then stood there for quite some time. Finally, I was like "let's go, it's cold."He said "No" and we stood around looking at the stormy ocean for a bit longer. I started to think, 'this is it, this is really really it' but at the same time I didn't want to get my hopes up. Then finally he started saying all these nice things, most of which I don't really remember because I started doing mental cartwheels of excitement. And he pulled out the ring, which I'm not even sure I looked at. He got out down on one knee and I fell down to both knees and started crying and said "YES!!"

{The Ring}

Best day ever! I can't imagine a more perfect way for it to have happened. I'm very lucky to have such a wonderful man in my life who is my best friend, my support system, the love of my life, and pretty darn cute and funny! I'm so excited to spend the rest of my life with him!

Oh, and I also got flowers!

We celebrated with friends that night and drank lots of beer and ate Shepherd's Pie and Corned Beef and Cabbage. It was so much fun to be around friends and the atmosphere was so happy and celebratory. I loved it. The outpouring of love has been so sweet. I can't wait for the wedding to celebrate with everyone. I want it to be the best party EVER. 

The next night we went to dinner with some friends and celebrated some more. I get the feeling there will be lots of celebrating going on, and I don't have a single problem with that!


Peace, love, engaged!!, and LOTS of happiness!


  1. Michelle!!
    That was seriously the best engagement story I've read to date! The best part was reading what was going on in your head when you had a feeling he was going to propose. It made me laugh and smile because I feel that is totally what my reaction would be. Congrats to you both!!! Incredible ring by the way! Enjoy this amazing time in your life.

  2. Perfect Perfect Perfect! Love you and Adam so much!


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