Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Two Week Challenge: Day 9

I worked out! I'm finally getting back on track with my workouts and it feels good. One little problem, I was very hungry so I had a turkey melt for lunch. I did ask for no mayo, though. Points for that? Maybe?

I did ---> this workout from, a site that I am really loving since most of their workouts require no equipment or can be adapted to require no equipment or 5 lb weights. I also did a quick 1 mile jog with the dog. Not much, but something.

Heaping 1/4 cup oats cooked in unsweetened almond milk with 2 tablespoons pumpkin and stevia for sweetness.

This was yummy and a nice change of pace. Pumpkin is good for you and delicious. I made a really small bowl and cold have used more oats and pumpkin. Next time I'll through in some pumpkin pie spice also. Stevia no calorie sweetener derived from all natural plant leaves, unlike those other no calorie sweeteners that are made up in labs. It's the only no cal sugar substitute that I will use. Agave Nectar is also equally delicious in oatmeal and has a lower glycemic index than granulated sugar.

Porto's Turkey Melt - no mayo

I think I should get mad props for being able to go into Porto's and avoid the potato balls and the massive amount of sweet things that beckon to me. A turkey melt probably isn't the most healthy thing but getting no mayonaise helps and this sandwich was packed with roasted red peppers and tomatoes. Yay vegetables!

lots of strawberries

Trader Joe's Miso Ginger Marinated Cod fillet (sold in the frozen aisle and truly delicious) and baby bok choy sautéed with a little chile oil and garlic. 

I was surprised at how much a liked the Miso Ginger Cod from Trader Joe's. I came home not wanting to eat it but made myself and was very happy I did. It was flavorful and light and delicate. Be sure not to overcook it! I love baby bok choy and a simple way to prepare it is to heat some chile oil or sesame oil in a pan, toss in some chopped garlic and the bok choy broken into leaves. Sauté for about 2 minutes. Throw a dash of soy sauce in the pan and cover with a lid. Let steam for about 2-3 minutes. That's it! A very healthy and light dinner to make up for my lunch. Calling it even.

Daily Totals:
Veggies: at least 3 (I ate a lot of bok choy)
Fruit: at least 3 (tomato and pumpkin are technically fruit!)

Peace, love, day nine down, and happiness!

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