Thursday, February 23, 2012

Life Lately

I haven't been doing much cooking lately. Things have been pretty busy. Especially on the weekends, which is when I do all my shopping and planning. There was Superbowl, then I worked all weekend for TV Guide's Live at the Grammy's red carpet show, and then we went to Santa Barbara. This weekend brings another work weekend on the red carpet for the Oscars, and the next is either a work weekend or a trip to visit the parents in Havasu, and finally after that we are off to New Orleans for four days. The first few months of 2012 are already flying by. It's scary to see time go by so fast, but fun to stay busy. With everything going on I've had little time to cook, or at least cook anything worth blogging about. I've been surviving off simple meals and a lot of eating out.

{Cajun Snapper and Grilled Zucchini at Long Beach Fish Grill}

{Smothered Steak Fries from Beachwood BBQ}

{Dinner at Palate with Sabrina}

I do have a plan of attack when it comes to cooking and food for the weeks to come. Currently I'm trying to use up what is in the pantry, freezer, and fridge so that we can start with a clean plate and reassess the way we eat - mainly trying to cut out processed foods as much as possible. Having learned  from my Two Week Challenge, I think it's important to have a diet made up of mainly vegetables, fruit, lean protein, and minimally processed foods. I feel like I've been a pretty healthy eater the last few years, but I'll almost always choose a slice of cheese pizza over a veggie packed salad. But lately my tastes and cravings have been changing. I've found that I'm starting to crave things like spinach, carrot juice, and fruit. The carrot juice is a very new thing. There was this cute little produce market right around the corner from our hotel in Santa Barbara and they had the best fresh squeezed carrot juice. It was so refreshing and such a nice way to start the day that it's making me consider getting a juicer. I love the apple beet carrot juice from Robek's and it would be great to make it at home. But first thing's first. I need to prove to myself longer than the two week challenge that I'm making a change for the good. More fruits and veggies. Every. Single. Day. Then I get to buy a juicer.

What are your tricks to healthy eating?

Peace, love, health, and happiness!
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