Monday, February 27, 2012

Food From the Week / Weekend

This week was a good week! My current job is nearing an end and the going is slow. We all had a nice out of the office lunch and it was fun to get out of the building and socialize in a setting without computers. I landed another job and start right after our vacation to New Orleans. This is the first time in my freelancing career that I have jobs lined up back to back. AND it's a job I actually want to do, on a show I'm excited to work on! It feels really good to know I won't be unemployed and to know I can get work. I've actually been staying busy with work. This past weekend I worked on TV Guide's Live at the Academy Awards Red Carpet show. But don't get too excited. No, I did not meet Brad and Angie. No, I didn't get ash on my shoes from Sacha Baron Cohen. I watched the whole thing from the "comfort" of an ice cold air conditioned production truck.

So here is a little recap in iphone photos of the past week / weekend:

Our work lunch outing took us to Clancy's Crab Boiler where I continued my hunt for the best clam chowder. Verdict: this was a very satisfying bowl of chowda with a not too many potatoes. And the bread, oh the bread! It was hot, sourdough, crunchy on the outside, and soft ont he inside.

{Clam Chowder}

As a celebration of my ability to continue earning income I took Adam out to dinner at Michael's Pizzeria across the street from our house. This place is the brother restaurant to the fancy and unaffordable (for us) Michael's on Naples. It's tiny and loud, but you can watch them flip dough and stick authentic Neapolitan pies into a wood burning oven. They make their own cheese and for that they have won my heart. They even have a pizza with pistachios on it! How would of thought that would be so delicious? On this night we shared two pies, a classic margherita and a deliciously salty pizza called Campagnola which married egg, pancetta, and sunchokes in delicious harmony. That pie made Adam a believer of Michael's, despite their lack of pepperoni.

{Margherita up front, Campagnola in the back}

This week's dinners were simple, hence the lack of posting. I made Skinny Taste's Peruvian Chicken which is a nice way to turn a cheap pack of thighs and legs into something tasty.

The episode I produced of the show The Amandas aired on Monday and I got to see my name on screen. Fun!

{Story Producer: Michelle Branch}

I escaped from working in the truck for a quick photo with one of the many Oscar statues on the carpet.

{Oscar and I}

Show day in the truck watching Chris Harrison do his thing on the red carpet for TV Guide.

{Monitors in the Production Truck}

Hope you had a great week and weekend as well!

Peace, love, feeling happy, and happiness!

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