Friday, January 27, 2012

Two Week Challenge: Day Four

Day four went well... up until dinner. But I can't be blamed for my dinner fail. We decided to have a date night at the Irish restaurant down the street from us, and I couldn't turn down a date night... even though it was my idea. Hehehe. I'm hoping if your following my Two Week Challenge that you're doing better than me!

Green Monster Smoothie with frozen blueberries


Mexican Chicken and Vegetable Soup

This recipe is a riff on a chicken tortilla soup. It was very yummy, but I was dying to eat it with tortilla chips. But I didn't. Point for me.

small Vegetarian Italian Salad

KC Branaghan's Thursday Prime Rib Special with potatoes au gratin and steamed veggies

I know, I know, this was kinda a cheat meal. But to my credit, I gave Adam half of my potatoes au gratin. And that my friends, was really hard to do. Also there are veggies!

Daily Totals:
Vegetables: at least 4 servings
Fruit: 1 serving

Peace, love, day four down, and happiness!

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