Friday, January 13, 2012

Say Cheese!

I LOVE cheese. A fancy cheese plate is probably one of the many ways to my heart. We have a cute little cheese store just a few blocks away from our house, but I can't get Adam to go in there. That's a lie. I did, once. And we walked in and then he promptly said "can we go now?"

So when my mom was in town I took the opportunity to check out the cheese store. I went in thinking I'm not going to buy anything, just looking, maybe a few free samples... Well that turned in to this...

Two beautiful 1/4 pound wedges of cheese. The gorgonzola picante is a strong and spicy gorgonzola cheese. The midnight moon is a new absolute favorite of mine, it is a beautiful aged hard goat's milk cheese.

I made a nice little cheese plate for Adam and I to enjoy before dinner on New Year's Eve. But since he's not really a fan of cheese plates I ended up devouring almost the entire thing. Yep. Almost a 1/2 pound of cheese to myself. It's not my fault. It's Adam's for not helping.

Note to self: invite friends over who enjoy cheese before making a cheese plate.

Peace, love, cheese, and happiness!


  1. I ate most the coconut cheese myself since your dad was out of town alot lately! Cheese party just you and me next time (with wine of course).

  2. Sorry to resurrect such an old post, but came across your blog today on another search and saw this suggested post to read. I am feeling really lucky that I have a husband who loves cheese as much as I do. At the same time, you are VERY luck to have a spouse who doesn't, so you don't eat giant cheese plates more often! We had to put a moratorium on "cheese nights" early on in our dating/marriage because we were doing it so often. LOL


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