Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Food From the Weekend - and one very bad dog

The holidays are in full swing! And I need to catch up!

{Sabrina's Holiday / Birthday Party}

{Adam and I's Gingerbread House}

{Holiday Treats}

{Dean's Pizza's Thai Curry Chicken Pizza}

This little "angel" ate 2 dozen lemon cookies and a one pound box of See's milk chocolates (that was hidden from her). So that was fun. Turns out it takes about an ounce of MILK chocolate per pound of dog to be badly toxic. Dark chocolate is a whole different story. Man, am I glad a got the milk instead of dark. Since she is 40 pounds and ate about 12 ounces of chocolate Adam forced her to throw up and after that she was pretty much fine - besides acting like she was on crack for two days. Don't get us chocolate for Christmas - Penny will probably be able to find it and eat it even if it is in a padlocked safe. I swear that dog has opposable thumbs.

Peace, love, holidays, and happiness.

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  1. Nice table Sabrina! Penny we locked up the food at our house!


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