Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Where to Eat Wednesday - Sushi Studio

Leaving my favorite sushi restaurant in the world, the hole-in-a-strip-mall ORIGINAL Katsu-ya, was probably the hardest part of moving away from Studio City. So it took me a while to even try a sushi joint in Long Beach. I had to give myself time to mourn my loss, and to sneak over to Katsu-ya for after work dinners with my old roomie. Eventually I caved and found a sushi spot for Adam and I to frequent in our neighborhood. That would be Sushi Studio. And for the first time ever sushi has become actually affordable thanks to the monthly coupons in the mail. We always sit at the sushi bar and have never had to wait. They have a great happy hour but we usually opt to order what we want and use our coupon. Their motto is "It's Sushi... with a Thai kick" I'm not entirely sure why and the one thing that leaves me disappointed is that the spicy items aren't actually very spicy... so where's the kick? But otherwise I'm entirely happy every time I eat here. Especially since they have a Katsu-ya like dish -  the spicy tuna (needs to be spicier) on crispy rice.

They have so many rolls that I can never remember the ones I like. I'm gonna have to start making a list. But I do enjoy their sashimi sampler. 4 different types of sashimi, each with some adornment for a decent price.

Now I want sushi for dinner! 

Peace, love, sushi, and happiness!

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