Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Where to Eat Wednesday - Austin, TX Edition

This post is a throwback to the summer. We were in Austin in June and I felt like I was gonna die from the heat. Literally die. But since it's so damn cold in the mornings now a days (even in "sunny" socal) I'm longing for some heat... and BBQ. I hope reading about it warms your day up!

When in Texas - eat BBQ, right? I guess so, since Adam made a beeline for the first BBQ joint nearest to our hotel as soon as we set our bags down in our room.

I was skeptical at first because the location seemed less than desirable - in a dirt lot in a corner of what seemed like a highway and a scary bridge. But the second I stepped inside I was sold. Smells of BBQ wafted through the air, old fashioned cokes were piled high in an old fashioned ice box, and a big patio looking over a small stream. Cozy. We ordered at the window and quickly received our paper plates piled high. 

I got brisket and Adam got ribs. Apparently in Texas you get a slice of Wonder bread, raw onions, and pickles with your BBQ plates. I enjoyed the food and the feel of being at a backyard barbecue.

I slathered my brisket with the 2 sauces and quickly found out they weren't joking about the spicy BBQ sauce. We ate quickly and sipped our old fashioned cokes greedily while we tried to get used to the humid Texas air. 

Iron Works BBQ turned out to be the best way to start off our Texas trip. We felt like real locals after stuffing ourselves silly on a BBQ feast!

Peace, love, BBQ, and happiness!

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