Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Just About the Best Side Dish Ever

**Please see the UPDATED POST for this RECIPE**

I love, love, love mushrooms. Unfortunately Adam hates them. I want to be angry at him for hating mushrooms and therefore making me miss out on making this awesome dish all too often, but I remember back in the day when I hated mushrooms and am only sad that I missed out on their deliciousness for so long and that he may never grow to like them and therefore never get to experience the wonderfulness that is this dish. Sigh. 

Anyways, if you love mushrooms like I do then this is just about the best side dish ever. And makes for a great topper to steaks or sauce for prime rib. 

This recipe is super easy and only requires some quality mushrooms.  I used shiitake, baby portabello, cremini, and a mixture of dry mushrooms (which I rehydrated) that included chanterelle (my favorite variety of mushrooms).  

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  1. They look good but your writing of the recipe could be a lil larger for those of us that can't see well. lol


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